Stewards and Ushers

Group photograph of female Fetch Security operatives smiling for the camera

Guidance and Information Provision

We fully appreciate the different roles and responsibilities of ushers/stewards and security. Ushers can be used to provide specific information to those in need, show people to the correct area, and generally provide informal guidance at an event, along with monitoring crowds and their movements.

We have experience providing ushers and stewards for:

  • Corporate Launch Events
  • Festivals
  • TV Shows
  • Public MP Meetings
  • Sporting Events
  • Public Events and Celebrations

Our ushers and stewards are easily identifiable by their uniform, along with their professional and courteous approach in wanting to help others.

Ushers and stewards may be considered lower risk than security, but the role and responsibilities of an usher are just as essential to the smooth running of an event.