Mobile and Static Security

Image of a Fetch security operative providing guidance to a driver

At Your Service.

Many businesses will spend a lot of money making sure their premises are secure, but often overlook the most vulnerable aspect - the entrance. Fetch Security guards can provide a human presence at your premises where extra security is needed. When a busy entrance / reception area is unmanned and unsecured it provides for rapid and easy access to your business.

Our security officers have been fully trained for deployment in the following sectors:

  • Construction Sites
  • Car Parks
  • Vacant Land
  • Offices
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Events
  • Residential Premises

It's sad to say but in the current climate we live in it is relatively common for unauthorised people to enter commercial premises by simply walking through the front door. If left unchallenged, there is no way of telling what their intentions are. Allow us to combine our security services with a professional reception service to provide the ideal bespoke solution for you.

A high visibility security presence deters intruders and verifies the identity and intentions of all visitors, therefore controlling access to your premises and reducing risk to workers, your premises and data. You can rely on Fetch to keep your premises secure during out of office hours, weekends and bank holidays, up to and including 24 hours a day, all year round.