General Purpose Patrol Dog Services

Group photograph of female Fetch Security operatives smiling for the camera

First to Welcome. First to Defend.

We can offer mobile patrols or static duty by our dog teams. Our handlers are all SIA Licensed operatives as well as being NASDU (Level 2) trained, both of which are required to work with dogs within the private security sector.

Here's a few reasons:

  • General purpose dogs are an excellent visual deterrent
  • Can reduce staffing levels for static guarding, in turn saving you money
  • General purpose dogs are widely used to protect vacant land, empty buildings and construction sites
  • Can prevent plant machinery theft, squatters, fly-tipping and vandalism


Last year, theft and vandalism within the UK construction industry cost the sector over £800 million, a conservative figure considering that some crimes go unreported.

This is the estimated cost of replacing missing equipment, from heavy duty machinery to backhoe loaders and also factors in long-term costs. When contractors are hit by theft it's not just new equipment that they need to pay for, there's also the cost of hiring new equipment in the interim so that they can continue their work, along with the additional increase in insurance premiums.

General Purpose dogs are also an ideal security solution to protect businesses and locations where Health & Safety / Welfare facilities are not available as all our dog handlers' vehicles are fully-equipped and self-sufficient.