Event, Television & Festival Security

Image of the audience's perspective of a rock festival with bright lights

Party hard, party safe.

Whatever your event, whether it's a television studio broadcast or a large outdoor festival, we believe it is essential that everyone that attends has an enjoyable and memorable experience, in a safe and protected environment. Here at Fetch Security we're fully aware that we act as ambassadors for your event, so we'll make sure that it runs smoothly, with safety and security at the forefront of our minds.

We recognise and appreciate that festivals can attract a unique crowd, and as such, require a unique, bespoke approach to crowd safety and control. With proven experience in working alongside local authorities and the emergency services, we're familiar with high capacity security protocols and crowd control.

  • Metal/Weapon Detection
  • Luggage Checking
  • Perimeter Fence Patrol
  • Backstage & Artist Security
  • First Aid Support
  • Liasing with Police