Commercial and Retail

Safer Shopping

Fetch security works closely with our retail clients to support loss prevention and provide a safe environment for both their customers and employees so that they can enjoy their shopping experience.

Image of a female Fetch security operative checking a lady's handbag

To be able to provide your customers with the most pleasurable shopping experience whilst reducing the risk of shoplifting is a careful balance of which we have vast knowledge in. Our bespoke and professional services allow us to offer you a security proposition that meets your exact needs in this ever-changing society.

We understand the ever evolving changes and the need to balance security measures with customer retention and satisfaction.

Some interesting facts about UK shoplifting:

  • Shoplifting costs UK stores approx £4.4bn a year
  • That's over £12m a day
  • More than a third of thefts are carried out by staff
  • Shoplifting costs the average family around £180 per year
  • The most common items stolen are branded clothes, alcohol, meat, cheese and seafood
  • Staff morale and low pay are contributing factors to staff thefts
  • Additional security staff has proven to be an effective deterrent in curbing shoplifting